FreeMotion Epic Lat High Row F802 (New)


SKU #: F802   |   Brand: FreeMotion   |   New   |   Out of Stock

The FreeMotion EPIC Lat/High Row F802 strengthens and isolates the back muscles for activities that involve lifting movements. The L-shaped handles allow for multiple grips for both lat and row exercises.

The Freemotion Epic 800 line combines features like Converging Arms and Adjustable pieces for ergonomical workouts, a 1/4" cable rated to 4,200 lb Minimum Tensile Strength and Heavy guage Steel for a durable machine that can withstand your workouts, and other things like Bolt-down Straps and a convenient design that offers easy maintenance and service access into a solid singleand multi station Strength Line to help you isolate those muscles and reach the goals you work so hard at. The FreeMotion EPIC Lat/High Row F802 is designed to provide an intense workout while eliminating strain, the FreeMotion EPIC Lat/High Row F802 pieces are hard to beat. Easy and convenient step in entry makes getting started a breeze. Thick, comfortable DuraFirmâ„¢ pads reduce fatigue and discomfort allowing you keep working out. Some of the F802 features are thick, comfortable DuraFirm pads that reduce fatigue and discomfort allowing you keep working out. FitnessZone will work closely with you to find the right lines of fitness equipment for your gym or health club, your personal training studio, a new 24/7 gym, a hotel or apartment fitness complex, a sports performance training center, a women's only club, a police or fire department, a corporate fitness center, or another type of fitness facility.