At Carolina Fitness Equipment, we are asked about treadmills more than any other piece of home exercise equipment. They are functional, easy to use, and when used correctly, provide an ideal way to burn calories, manage weight and strengthen, and enhance your cardiovascular system. Buying and using a treadmill can be one of the most sensible health decisions you can make. But buyer beware! Since treadmills are the most popular unit in the fitness industry, there are more choices than almost any other category of fitness equipment. It is a daunting task to sort through them all. To help make sense of things, we have put together a list of important tips to make sure you maximize your investment and reach your goals.

How to chose a trademill


Consider your needs And those of other potential exercisers in your home or facility before you start your search. Most buyers will have more than one individual that will be using the equipment. For example, "under buying" or buying a low quality, underpowered treadmill that will be used by both a 130 lb. & a 200 lb. person is a common mistake.
Start your shopping by researching online. to find the equipment that interests you. Find the top rated brands through rating websites, product reviews and buyer feedback. You can visit the manufacturers’ websites and Facebook pages to see who is using their equipment. Often the best brands also make commercial equipment that is used in gyms and health clubs.
Find out where you can purchase the equipment once you find a few companies and models that interest you. Most can be purchased online through the manufacturers’ websites or other shopping sites and retail stores. For retail stores, better quality equipment is sold through specialty fitness retailers, not discount stores.
Think about the level of service that you want. The highest level of service will come from a specialty fitness retailer. Purchasing online is often less expensive, but you will need to do more research beforehand about which products meet your needs. For online purchases you may need to assemble the equipment yourself when it arrives – though this varies by shopping site.
Authorized specialty fitness retailers. Make a list of local retailers who specialize in fitness equipment and which brands they carry. Many dealers exclusively sell certain brands. This is why it is important to do your research ahead of time. Specialty fitness dealers will likely have a more educated staff, higher quality equipment and the ability to assemble and service your product more effectively, and many will have financing options. 
Test the equipment.If you choose to purchase online, try to find a way to test the equipment through a friend, gym, spa or hotel. The best manufacturers often sell commercial products, so you can get a feel for their equipment somewhere else. Note that it isn’t really fair to retail sales staff for you to go into their store, take up their time then go purchase cheaper somewhere else. If you go to a store, be prepared to test the equipment in the manner in which you will be using it. Almost any unit will feel and seem adequate if you walk on it for 5 minutes. It's only when you begin to put a treadmill through its paces by adding incline, using different programs, or jogging on it that you will start to notice major differences in quality and comfort even vibration and noise. Plan on wearing comfortable exercise clothes and walking or jogging shoes. Don't hesitate to spend 15-30 minutes testing the equipment. A good treadmill is a major investment. Take your time.

Used Equipment Retailers are a newer facet to the fitness industry. With most major brands under one roof, you can test and learn about all the options without being persuaded by a biased sales rep. Buying used equipment can walk a fine line between price and value. Most reputable used equipment providers will sell mostly commercial grade equipment that has been tested and serviced by a certified technician. Traditionally a used commercial treadmill will have more value that a new home product at the same price in terms of programming, stability and longevity.

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