Strencor Guillotine Squat Rack


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Strencor Guillotine Squat Rack is an all inclusive rack with a 4' x 6' footprint and 160LB base to give the user ultimate stability. The rack comes with Heavy Duty Spotter Arms, (4) peg bars that can convert your spotter arms to dip stations. Also included are two options for pull-up bars that are easily switched and 2 weight horns on the bottom bracket for plate storage. If that is not enough, you can upgrade the whole unit with our Half-Rack Conversion kit to expand the Guillotine's versatility, giving it the ability to perform rack pulls and use safety spotters for bench work. The Kit includes: -2x 7'10" uprights -2x Square Cross Bars -1x Pull-Up Bar -4x Triangle Plates for connecting back uprights and crossbar -2x Solid spotter pins