Strencor Platinum Series 5 Stack Multi-Gym


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Everything you need for a personal training studio or apartment complex gym. Featuring a Lat Pulldown, Low Row, Tricep Extension, and two adjustable cable pulleys that can be used individually or as a cable crossover, this machine is vital for any serious gym or studio.

  • 50 x 100 mm oval frame tubing 3mm thickness
  • 40mm x 40 mm square tubing 2 mm thickness (cable adjustment uprights)
  • Silver powder coat
  • Total weight 1025 lbs
  • Weight stacks are each 100 kg (220 lbs)
  • Included accessories - single and double D-handles, lat pulldown bar, tricep rope
  • Cambered pull up bar
  • Lifetime warranty on welds, 1 year on parts