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Freemotion Genesis Lat


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Zero seat adjustments and intuitive design make the Genesis Lat by Freemotion a workhorse machine that goes beyond lats to introduce a full body workout that focuses on strength. Sit and pull the independent moving handles to create a customized workout that’s unlimited by user potential. Stand up to fire core muscles, squat to target back end muscles. The Genesis Lat is the safest piece of strength equipment to start on with less risk of injury or overextension. The freedom of cable and choice of sitting or standing, make it adaptable to users of every fitness level. Once people use it, they’ll never want to use anything else.


• Pulley design ensures fluid cable travel and a nearly unlimited range of motion.

• Contoured pads adjust in height and swivel and slide to fit a wide variety of people.

• The protected, enclosed weight stack limits access to moving parts to better prevent accidents or injury.

Built with 11 and 7-gauge steel, this machine is also electrostatically powder-coated.