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Life Fitness Pro 2 Hip Adduction

Life Fitness Pro 2 Hip Adduction


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Ratchet mechanism allows users to adjust start position in 10-degree increments. Knee pads and dual foot positions provide leg support and reduce torque around the knees.


  • Frames are 2"x 4" and 2"x 3" rectangular shaped 11 gauge Steel Tubing
  • Internally lubricated, nylon-coated aircraft cables with breaking strength rated at over 4,000 pounds (meets U.S. military specifications)
  • Frames are mostly fully welded and constructed in 2, but not mores than 3 pieces, to facilitate movement through smaller doorways and difficult installations
  • Numeric seat and pad adjustments (where appropriate) correctly align body to machine for proper posture, muscle isolation and body stabilization and seats adjust in ½” increments
  • Incremental weight system allows the resistance to be increased in 5 pound increments
  • 7/16” Magnetic Weight Selector Pin
  • Adjustable start position facilitates easy entry and exit
  • Front-mounted stack acts as privacy screen
  • Weight Stack Capacity: 275 Lbs.
  • Weight: 575 Lbs.
  • Dimensions: 61" L by 26" W by 55" H