DynaBody Power Press

Monday, January 24th, 2022

When you're looking for the ultimate chest workout without the barbell, Dynabody has created the Power Press. A plate-loaded easy to use standing chest press that is sure to give you a killer chest workout.

A few key features we love about the Power Press are the multiple hand grips. This unit gives you the ability to have 3 core chest movements in one piece. The user is able to start at the highest grip for an incline press, or use the lowest grip to mimic a decline press and of course any grip straight to your chest would be that of a standard bench press.

Inside the grips are also a neutral grip bar to help relieve shoulder stress. The V shape design of the Power Power Press allows for the ultimate depth of the chest press movement ensuring a smooth and deep press.

To top if all off, the safety release is a foot pedal, so when you are done you can kick your foot up and raise the safety until the weight is caught. If that wasnt enough to sell you on this unit, they are completely customizable. You can get your gym colors and logos on these and any Dynabody pieces.

The Power Press is also available as part of our demo program. If you want to test it out, free of charge, ask your Sales Rep about being part of our Demo Program and we will get more info out to you.

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