Nautilus Stretch Trainer

Thursday, July 28th, 2022

Stretching pre and post workout is an important but often overlooked part of any exercise regimen. Pre workout, stretching can help increase blood flow to prepare your muscles for strenuous activity, increase flexibility and range of motion by loosening your muscles and tendons, and help improve overall performance. Post workout, stretching is important to help reduce pain and risk of injury by loosening up tight muscles and providing gradual muscle relaxation. Post workout stretching also helps eliminate lactic acid produced during heavy workouts which can make muscles feel achy and tired.

The Nautilus stretch trainer, also known as the “stretch bench” is the perfect addition to your exercise routine. The Nautilus stretch trainer helps prepare you for a productive exercise session and helps you loosen up muscles that become tight during your workouts. Utilizing the Nautilus stretch trainer, you will be able to condition your muscles to move freely and help ensure the prevention of injury. Feel flexible and ready, pre and post workout, with the Nautilus Stretch Trainer.

The Nautilus stretch trainer includes foot pedals for stability, a placard providing step by step body and hand placement positions, padded woven strap handles, integrated rubber grips for various hand positions and supports both single and dual hand stretches. This small footprint, lightweight stretch bench is ideal for any space in your facility or home workout area.

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