We are Reviewing the Spirit CE 800 Elliptical

Thursday, March 17th, 2022

ICYMI, we are an official Dealer for Spirit so all the great units they sell, we have total access to. This ellipitcal is the Spirit CE800, which is a full commercial unit. The C in front of the models for Spirits pieces are going to stand for Commercial. So you will be able to have this in a dues paying facility or in your home.

These units are awesome, they've got a small foot print but a built like tanks. You can work the full body or just grab the bull horns with heart monitors and let the ENT console tell you what to do. Another great feature about the ENT console on these units is that they have all the apps, so you are able to watch your favorite Netflix shows or Hulu .. Even watch us on youtube. Sync it with your phone and play music, whatever you need to get going.

Check them out at here:


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