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Anvil FID Bench

Anvil FID Bench


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Introducing the Anvil Strength FID Adjustable Bench – the cornerstone of your home gym versatility. Crafted with precision and durability, this bench seamlessly transitions from flat to incline to decline positions, offering you a spectrum of training possibilities.

Designed for fitness enthusiasts who demand the best, Anvil Strength brings you a weight bench that adapts to your workout needs. Whether you're focusing on chest presses, shoulder workouts, or targeted ab exercises, this bench delivers the support and flexibility you crave.

With zero to 90-degree adjustability in 6 ladder step increments, But that's not all – equipped with two casters and a handle under the front pad, this bench ensures effortless movement and seamless repositioning, enhancing the overall convenience of your workout space.

Experience the next level of strength training with Anvil Strength – where each adjustable feature empowers your fitness journey. Elevate your home gym with the Anvil Strength FID Adjustable Bench and redefine what's possible in your workouts.