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Starting with the Lifecycle by Life Fitness in the 1960s, stationary exercise bikes have proven to be a critical piece in any training facility. With Indoor Cycle ('Spin'), Upright, and Recumbent variations we have hundreds of options for you to pick from. Indoor cycle bikes offer a simplified modality of biking, these bikes typically come with a very small monitor to track your progress or none at all. These bikes are typically used by athletes and more experienced individuals because they offer a quicker resistance 'shift'. Upright bikes differ from Cycle bikes because they normally have rich user interface panels to offer more details about the user's workout and many now offer App/TV functionality. Upright bikes are also normally more comfortable in the seat and overall than Cycle bikes. Recumbent bikes offer the same features as Uprights but with one main difference, a more relaxed, reclined position with lumbar support. Many commercial brands also offer 'step-thru' models where there is a separation between the feet allowing the elderly and injured an easy alternative to raising your knee up to get into position to ride the bike. Whichever style you prefer, there is an exercise bicycle for you! We offer all the major commercial grade indoor cycle brands at certified pre-owned and refurbished prices far under the competition for the service we provide.
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