Cybex VR3 Back Extension (Used)


SKU #: CFE-CX-VR3-BE   |   Brand: Cybex Fitness   |   Used   |   Low Stock
If you want form and performance, the VR3 line delivers both. The Cybex Back Extension’s pelvic stabilization system utilizes adjustable foot brace which allows the user to “lock into” the hip pad, causing hip extensor engagement for optimal pelvic stabilization. The lumbar level axis of rotation promotes the use of the lower back (spinal erectors) as the prime movers. Starting positions provided every 10°. From small to tall without getting off the machine. The adjustable foot bar accommodates user height variation and allows adjustment from the seated position. Lumbar extension – but not too much. The Cybex design promotes proper and controlled movement into extension. Curved lumbar pad encourages lumbar extension/flexion while minimizing the possibility of excessive extension. Cybex unique technology adjusts the machine to the user rather than the user to the machine. Regardless of the starting position selected, the cam remains synchronized with each individual user.