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Dyna Body Power Press
Dyna Body Power Press

Dyna Body Power Press


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Plate loaded for easily adjusted weight resistance. Foot platform provide safety grip for maximum press movement. The Standing up Chest Press Machine gives a great chest workout with minimum stress on the lower back.


  • Plate Loaded
  • Foot Platform
  • Maximum Press movement
  • Comfortable mechanism to put the weight back on to the safety stop, once you have finished working out
  • 5 handle positions to fit all height athletes
  • Enabling you to do flat, incline & decline chest press using the various hand positions.
  • Color of your choice for upholstery and frame, to fit your gym


*Please note: in most cases simple modification can be made, however; modification does require a design to change, so there will be a charge for that. Contact us in advance, if you need a particular upgrade to save your time. If you do not specify any change, we will make it as standard.