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Egg Weights 1.5 lb pair w/ Carrying Case


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Take your cardio to the max with a pair of Egg Weights! Burn up to 60% more calories and move faster without compromising technique nor time by adding these handheld weights into your regimen.

The weights in the set come in at 1.5lb each and are made from high-quality stainless steel that is three times denser than an average dumbbell. They are fitted with rubberized high-traction grips with loops that slide right onto your finger. Their small size allows them to fit in your palm or boxing glove, and their ergonomic design enhances fluid motion and flexibility as you use them.

Egg Weights are trusted by athletes and professionals around the globe because their potential benefits are virtually endless. Not only do they maximize arm and shoulder strength, leading to faster, more powerful punches; They also optimize arm position and overall stamina, too!