Star Trac Vertical Knee Raise (Used)


SKU #: CFE-ST-VKR   |   Brand: Star Trac Fitness   |   Used   |   Low Stock

This is a full commercial grade, gym quality unit and it’s built like a tank. Please don’t confuse cheap, flimsy home use models with this. This is a total upper body machine. You can train every muscle in the body from the waist up. Multi grip pull-up bars allow you to perform wide grip, close grip, pronated, supinated and neutral grips. These options allow you to train each and every angle and muscle in the back, biceps and forearms. The thick rubber covered dip handles allow you to blast your chest, shoulders and triceps in a comfortable manner. The arm rests allow you to blast your abs, obliques, low back , serratus and entire core. Comparable units retail as much as $1,700. This unit is a perfect addition to your home, personal training studio or commercial gym.