Strencor Redline Training Barbell | 15kg Bar
Strencor Redline Training Barbell | 15kg Collar
Strencor Redline Training Barbell | 15kg Knurl

Strencor Redline Training Barbell

$289.00 - $299.00

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Introducing Strencor's Redline Training Barbell – the ultimate choice for comprehensive training sessions. Crafted to blend the whip of an Olympic barbell with the resilience of a cross-training bar, it's your go-to solution for all-around performance.
Featuring Black Oxide coating on the shaft, our barbell offers a comfortable grip. With dual knurl marks for Olympic and powerlifting, versatility is at your fingertips.
Key Features:

  • Dual knurl marks catering to Olympic and Powerlifting needs
  • Polished Brass Bushing ensuring durability and consistency
  • Polished Chrome sleeves for added durability and aesthetic appeal
  • Black Oxide bar shaft