Strencor Redline Training Barbell

$289.00 - $299.00

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Strencor's Redline Training Barbell is the top tier barbell for all around training. We designed this bar to have the whip of an Olympic bar with the durability of a cross training bar. The manganese phosphate coating on the shaft offers superior rust resistance and a great feel on the hand. Dual knurl marks for Olympic and powerlifting.

Features include:

  • Dual knurl marks for Olympic and Powerlifting
  • Polished Brass Bushing for durability and consistency
  • Polished Chrome sleeves
  • Manganese phosphate bar shaft
  • 216,000 psi Tensile Strength
  • 206,000 psi Yield Strength
  • 1500 lb load capacity (20kg) or 1200 lb load capacity (15kg)